Welcome to the site + Future

Hey guys.

So, this website is a thing. Hope you enjoy what comes of it.


What we have in store for the future of this website:


•Exclusive looks into projects


•Early Video Access


•Much more!


For now, the site is in its Alpha stage, and is simply a test as to what can be done. There will be a lot of improvements coming to the site, so stay tuned!


Regarding content. I’m still working on What Was Left and Variables. all other content is slowly but surely being made. What Was Left has joined the Mythos Universe and has two episodes left of the season. These next two episodes are going to be big, and I’m going to need almost full body acting sessions if I’m to get it done. So if you are able to help out, drop me a message over Xbox Live. My Gamertag is DoctorMcCreadio. All help is appreciated, and we’ll be needing excessive amounts of it in the next couple of episodes.


Thanks guys. And welcome to the revelation.


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