Let’s Catch Up!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here…. Actually, it was August of last year. Daim… I guess we should get caught up to speed!
So, hey guys. A few things have changed. I changed my name back to just “Infinite Light”, due to the fact that “Infinite Light Machinima” was just way too long. Also, I’m no longer. Actually, I’m about to start production of a live-action Star Wars short!Speaking of Star Wars, yes, I have seen it, and yes, The Force Awakens was AWESOME.Still on the topic of Star Wars, I uploaded my entry for the Black Plasma Studios Machinima Cone Competition, and it was called Star Halo! I was able to use the Star Wars hype in order to create a fairly awesome machinima in my opinion. Link is here:


Furthermore, DEAD ECHO HAS BEEN RELEASED! YAY, CHEERING HAPPY NOISES! It sadly hasn’t got the reception I expected, but I still appreciate all support! Link is also here:


I also made a new GTA Machinima which I was REALLY proud of. It just started with Kaid and I screwing around after our Body Acting sessions, and we then decided to make it. So yeah. Enjoy it. I won’t link it. TOO MANY LINKS.





Ok, I’m off. Have a good day!


Infinite Light

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